Three-dimensional dementia

Realize your eyes turn blue
When you look into the skies.
And the blue in your mind
Is just a bathroom in need of new tiles.

You can’t mirror a desire
If you can’t see the reflection first,
The outside is a only a distraction
From what a soul truly holds.

Does the body manifest the mind,
Or is it the opposite?
Could it be the two are entwined
with a third we fail to see?

When you fast track your food,
While in a constant hurry to ‘grow’,
Are you really in your prime
Or is the external in control?

I cried before cause they didn’t see me.
Now I know they can’t see themselves.
So my tears are now my actions
I came down with facts, awaiting consequence.

If we could rip our skin and features,
And still breathe within our teacher,
Then we won’t need our eyes to fall in love,
But imagine what our beings have sought.

And we just might grasp the duality
Of the illusionary personality
We can live our dreams
then dream our reality.