to the perils
of miscommunication
The danger of
Suppressing emotion
The sadness of
Trying to erase
Rather than fix

I hurt before
Now I only could observe
He leaves
He left a while ago
When he made up his mind
I was away

And I wish him the best
But I cannot teach him
To say the words
He can teach himself
To not be afraid of
The answer

It’s beautiful for things to end
friend goodbye
though we weren’t spent


anti climax

4 am toothache
is welcome
for it brings insights
from my spirit
again again again
another flip of the coin
another proof
that I am always winning

the pain subsides
i spilt a spirit in my mouth
to numb it
and i could finally
bloody  rest
but no
I need more news
I need more tests
I hate admitting I am tired
when at my weakest
I secretly
am my best

for in my naked
disarmed big eyes
I hold space
for what is true
which is nothing close
to any book or poem

nothing far from the heart of
my cosmic body
reaching its goal
but it’s not wrapped in words
it cannot
so I seize
to try and control
and let go
I let go