gentle evolution or a nerd in the hands of the NHS

(this came out whilst my pain was a good 9/10  and my nurse was shoving crisps down her throat)

it’s real
it’s real
it’s an out of tune singalong
of a
first world drama
its petty
but I need to ruin this reality
with something stronger
with rigid rules
and stamina
with sunshine
with potentiality
with the coming of the future
I will ruin now
this now is passing
this now is a tale
not worth telling
it’s so long gone
it’s almost already funny

ground is busy
shaking me off
ungrateful bitch
imagining all is up to a standard
of her own
shut the fuck up
your shit is not welcome
your mouth is about to be sliced off
get lost
get lost
without you
we are in awe of the emptiness
and crisp silence of the joy
of air
without you
there are no rules to obey
fuck you

To hell with you and thy faith


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