Optometry Tuesday

Effortless space around you
To be vocal
To be yourself

So please do

Being like someone else
Is so see-through
When I only want to see

As you are to be
No selflessness
No greed
And free

Some of you shy
And won’t let me see
I got bad eyes anyway
You crooked teeth
Of half truths
With the most beautiful
Bit if the iceberg
Hidden hidden away

Some too shy to even hide
make a fake truth
To explain
Every single bloody day
I be this I be that
Not doing it anyway
It’s not working anyway
And everyone else but you
Can see

On the edge of this town
Right in the middle of it
Under a fig tree
The ocean breezes
The air is free
And there is safe for you
To sit and be
Scream it out
As in your heart it be
Trust me doll
That’s all we including you want to see

The true essence of the beautiful
Let it be
Anything it is
So it can be a part of we
We are all like you too
And you are all like me

best times begin

they say youth is to be treasured
but how can you
when you haven’t yet had
anything else
to compare it with

broad shouldered wise-men
shut up and glare
when they see fresh meat

they meant youth is what they treasure when old
when you lose it
but I will keep it
on these pages
in my diaries

I am youth
my heart a phoenix
as I delete my past
and become someone new

This is day one for me.
The only day I will live
Don’t by-stand
I don’t want to be admired
I only travel for truth
and to be of service

I am multidimensional
in a body of a woman
and I love that vessel
and the creativity of the life force

But I would much rather
be a soul now
Not a subject
Of fantasies
But real – solid –
Game changer

So I begin
Thank you


My friendship with myself
Is so
It lights up my room
Sets my hair on fire
And I just watch
So bloody content
with myself

One could think it’s narcissistic
But I just like my dirty sheets
and my comfy socks
More than the uncomfort
Of outside space
Yes, interaction can be succulent too
But self-love is both
the giver and receiver
I am everything in a monologued
Love affair

Hot on a tin roof
Back home
In my Earth shaped heart
Rocking my feet up and down
The azure sky

I kiss myself
I laugh at that too
It’s like I’m a self obsessed schizo
And neither of us
Have ever felt a love
So true

short but bloated or tall but empty

Last poem was shit
took it off
To do work so bad
not sure if
quality over
quantity though
a lot is good
diversity good
space for mistakes yes
growth too
judgement is over
I’m no Bukowski
I can’t chain myself
To a way I should be
I’m just going to be
Whether I feel like it or not
I am free, I am free