Life around lunch

The ever-changing lunch space
the area so full of consent
that is relieving.
not a round table but
it comes around like every other cycle

Sometimes the silence is overpowering
Sometimes it gives you its power to think
Your sandwich is warm and feels old
Older than that Apple
The one that started it all
the nature of environment and its furniture
It falls apart every night when the lights go out
It builds itself again
When the first person comes in
In excitement to be seen again
To gather information the walls will tell
For centuries to come
Or until the next war

Half of your sandwich is down
You forgot to open your crisps
Maybe leave them for later
Is later coming
It seems you’re trapped in a moment of work
Until lunchtime
And all there is between work and lunchtime is the mindless walk
Do you breathe in that walk
Do you gather information too

For When work is over
As your crisps
Gather dust
Under the table
That collapses
And your second bit of sandwich
Is down your throat
Your belly protesting the bleached flour
And the dead meat
This can’t be all there is

For lunch


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