Banging my head
Biting my arms
Cutting my hair
Shouting my voice away
Crying out 70% water
30% flesh
Skin is ripping apart
Heart is trying to leave me
I wish it could
I wish I was dying sometimes
A finite line would be easy
than the depth of an infinite soul
I hate who we was
Before we met
Sad and asleep
With eyes full of hope
I fucking dried out of words
Spare me my small life
Your inner movement
Is all I ever wish to live by
The worst is
My prince
I know you desperately
The same
And ache the same
I don’t want to make the art
I realize I am it
It will be unfinished
Until we admit to being sinners

I stab myself emotionally
Bully myself into a false belief
That I can kiss another
You are exactly me
And my body is likewise incomplete
My lips dry
Voice spitting out
Cause it’s embedded with the loss of the past
When we don’t have to be
Nostalgia melancholy
My favorite thieves
I’m so hungry
For something that’s inside of me
Already I’ve locked you under key
In my brainwaves
Sleep, my soldier, sleep
I’ll sit on the sidewalk
With bare feet and a tea
Slide my fingers through your hair
And squeeze your heart deep
Let us be
Let the future swallow me
In a submissive sweet
Love is real
Love is between more when we’re apart
Than when we meet
Play of the higher shelf
Thin because
Words won’t ever be enough
So try we didn’t
We just are

Bleed, my spouse, bleed
I am here for you
To drink the deceit of your breed
I’m here to carry us
When we finally become empty
Into the sunset
Of the creation we are meant to be
Bear with me
While I brush my teeth
My words are cleaning up
Your silences are ours to keep


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