It’s been a few months now.
I’ve been different.
I’ve been doing things that I didn’t.
I haven’t been seeing the ones I used to.
Apart from my mother.
And my grocer.
The blood oranges have been good.
My obsession with tea has subsided.
I have grown to love new colors.
I incorporate new intonations.
I look away in a different way.
I no longer get intimidated.
Maybe I go red sometimes
Only if I’m admitting it
As a strength
That I was once embarrassed
By a comic comitance.
I use punctuation more
Though I misspell things on purpose even
Cause I think it makes my tweets
More like me-
A bit impulsive
Tastefully sloppy
With eyes too open
And chest too big
For someone
Only a quarter of a century old
But my beauty is just the right amount.
If anything
I see it shocks a lot of men
Now more so
That I am the same as my soul
I am the same outside the box
And inside it
My days are still 24 hrs
My nights are better though
Still horny almost always
But turned off by fools
I re-introduced someone I know into my new space
And they vibrate like me now
We sit and drink beer together sometimes
And I tell him about my day
I tell him even the most stupid things
Cause he’s an opposing force
But of the same
Spirit molecule
I love you
He isn’t afraid to say
My days with him are full of numbers
We share cake
Scratch that
I have reasons to believe we are saints
That we bring our higher states into
This world with grace
I chat a lot of shit
But it’s only appearing thus
For your pineal is calcified
And your eyes maced

I would lie to say if I haven’t broken many hearts
I would lie if I said I have new values
For truth has lead me here by a leash
To this page
On this inter net
On this date
In this sleepy half naked state
I needed volume of words
So to myself I can relate

One more piece in
Peace out
Sewing my desire with my faith


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