-Good day, Sir. – I’m in a rush.

Please let  me  gather strength.
Please don’t
Think I’ve given up.
A challenge as big
Needs time to come full circle.
Faith like yours is hard to find
Seeing it in you
Is why I believe it’s within me too
To embody it as gracefully
I need to trace back mine.


You know better to trust your emotions;
You are made of intuition and purity;
you can’t be arrogant if you tried.

I see you,

You know better than to forget
that I know too, and I know you.
You can’t disprove it if you tried.

Bless me, sleep next to we.
Pretend no more-
And so will I.
Broadening with every second
Of every now and day.

I fly, my love, I fly
And spy on your hived mind
Grace is homeless here,
Arrogance is blind.

This space between us: none of a kind.
Excuses for being foolish you don’t need to find.
For I’ve seen your every room:
Your inner world
Same as/also

I’ll see you soon,
Until next time
Let’s keep rebuilding.
These broken halves let’s bind
North and South, East and West
I feel your love sublime
And with every brick
On every column
I see more sunshine.


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