Life around lunch

The ever-changing lunch space
the area so full of consent
that is relieving.
not a round table but
it comes around like every other cycle

Sometimes the silence is overpowering
Sometimes it gives you its power to think
Your sandwich is warm and feels old
Older than that Apple
The one that started it all
the nature of environment and its furniture
It falls apart every night when the lights go out
It builds itself again
When the first person comes in
In excitement to be seen again
To gather information the walls will tell
For centuries to come
Or until the next war

Half of your sandwich is down
You forgot to open your crisps
Maybe leave them for later
Is later coming
It seems you’re trapped in a moment of work
Until lunchtime
And all there is between work and lunchtime is the mindless walk
Do you breathe in that walk
Do you gather information too

For When work is over
As your crisps
Gather dust
Under the table
That collapses
And your second bit of sandwich
Is down your throat
Your belly protesting the bleached flour
And the dead meat
This can’t be all there is

For lunch



Banging my head
Biting my arms
Cutting my hair
Shouting my voice away
Crying out 70% water
30% flesh
Skin is ripping apart
Heart is trying to leave me
I wish it could
I wish I was dying sometimes
A finite line would be easy
than the depth of an infinite soul
I hate who we was
Before we met
Sad and asleep
With eyes full of hope
I fucking dried out of words
Spare me my small life
Your inner movement
Is all I ever wish to live by
The worst is
My prince
I know you desperately
The same
And ache the same
I don’t want to make the art
I realize I am it
It will be unfinished
Until we admit to being sinners

I stab myself emotionally
Bully myself into a false belief
That I can kiss another
You are exactly me
And my body is likewise incomplete
My lips dry
Voice spitting out
Cause it’s embedded with the loss of the past
When we don’t have to be
Nostalgia melancholy
My favorite thieves
I’m so hungry
For something that’s inside of me
Already I’ve locked you under key
In my brainwaves
Sleep, my soldier, sleep
I’ll sit on the sidewalk
With bare feet and a tea
Slide my fingers through your hair
And squeeze your heart deep
Let us be
Let the future swallow me
In a submissive sweet
Love is real
Love is between more when we’re apart
Than when we meet
Play of the higher shelf
Thin because
Words won’t ever be enough
So try we didn’t
We just are

Bleed, my spouse, bleed
I am here for you
To drink the deceit of your breed
I’m here to carry us
When we finally become empty
Into the sunset
Of the creation we are meant to be
Bear with me
While I brush my teeth
My words are cleaning up
Your silences are ours to keep

-Good day, Sir. – I’m in a rush.

Please let  me  gather strength.
Please don’t
Think I’ve given up.
A challenge as big
Needs time to come full circle.
Faith like yours is hard to find
Seeing it in you
Is why I believe it’s within me too
To embody it as gracefully
I need to trace back mine.


You know better to trust your emotions;
You are made of intuition and purity;
you can’t be arrogant if you tried.

I see you,

You know better than to forget
that I know too, and I know you.
You can’t disprove it if you tried.

Bless me, sleep next to we.
Pretend no more-
And so will I.
Broadening with every second
Of every now and day.

I fly, my love, I fly
And spy on your hived mind
Grace is homeless here,
Arrogance is blind.

This space between us: none of a kind.
Excuses for being foolish you don’t need to find.
For I’ve seen your every room:
Your inner world
Same as/also

I’ll see you soon,
Until next time
Let’s keep rebuilding.
These broken halves let’s bind
North and South, East and West
I feel your love sublime
And with every brick
On every column
I see more sunshine.


It’s been a few months now.
I’ve been different.
I’ve been doing things that I didn’t.
I haven’t been seeing the ones I used to.
Apart from my mother.
And my grocer.
The blood oranges have been good.
My obsession with tea has subsided.
I have grown to love new colors.
I incorporate new intonations.
I look away in a different way.
I no longer get intimidated.
Maybe I go red sometimes
Only if I’m admitting it
As a strength
That I was once embarrassed
By a comic comitance.
I use punctuation more
Though I misspell things on purpose even
Cause I think it makes my tweets
More like me-
A bit impulsive
Tastefully sloppy
With eyes too open
And chest too big
For someone
Only a quarter of a century old
But my beauty is just the right amount.
If anything
I see it shocks a lot of men
Now more so
That I am the same as my soul
I am the same outside the box
And inside it
My days are still 24 hrs
My nights are better though
Still horny almost always
But turned off by fools
I re-introduced someone I know into my new space
And they vibrate like me now
We sit and drink beer together sometimes
And I tell him about my day
I tell him even the most stupid things
Cause he’s an opposing force
But of the same
Spirit molecule
I love you
He isn’t afraid to say
My days with him are full of numbers
We share cake
Scratch that
I have reasons to believe we are saints
That we bring our higher states into
This world with grace
I chat a lot of shit
But it’s only appearing thus
For your pineal is calcified
And your eyes maced

I would lie to say if I haven’t broken many hearts
I would lie if I said I have new values
For truth has lead me here by a leash
To this page
On this inter net
On this date
In this sleepy half naked state
I needed volume of words
So to myself I can relate

One more piece in
Peace out
Sewing my desire with my faith