This is really going to be a whiny stream of consciousness post with the aim of portray the beauty I am experiencing now and it really should be on my other blog page that has to do with ascension and maybe I will move this one day.
<September is a good time.
I feel September will be the closing of the door I have opened now. >

I just bought two nice beers from Beer Moth-shoutout for that time they played Aesop Rock’s new album as soon as it was released-I really felt at home.
First beer is good-CYCLOPS EYEDROPS-YESyesYES. 3.30 currency-wise. full of taste. Body-wise very tall and consistent. the hops and malts work together and try to overpower each other but as a game, not seriously. Design is beautiful and the color is my favorite-hazy dirty blonde! YES FUCK YES.

I have to go to work soon. I am wearing black linen trousers. It’s spring outside and what I did today compared to what I had on my to do list is pretty sad but I did write a bunch and also danced and felt complete. Rolling stones on. My skin isn’t great today as I indulged again in tobacco and pints.

My walk to catch the weather turned into an intention of a walk into an idea of a wine walk to a 3 minute walk to Beer Moth and back.
Talk about eloquent time-wasting. Talk about my lazy afternoon and me going to work soon. talk about being in love and not being a skeptic.