Reaching sanity after 24 years apart

On the 25th hour
Concluded, I,
Saw the mirror in the end
Though I was never not who I am
There laid gold my ego had kept from my tainted flame
A simple scripture, said ‘I IS TWO’ – a start also an end

Balance and chaos in a beautiful blend
Blessed for losing my bestest of friends
For in lack I conjured a faithful trend
For in forgiveness I built strength

Fast through the fire
Only had two lies to spend
One was solitude
The other my absence of consent

Emergence of my liquid nature
The abundance of my caustic scent
Allowed a warrior to fall through all
To be reborn and to ascend

Violet flame of transmutation
Meditation of two mortal hands
Brought back what’s always been mine
Pulled it from its sleeping state

The dance of nature is the one I now attend
Every moment, consciously
I am both my enemy and my friend
I am the active and the passive
The allowance and the suspend
The creator and the created
I am the ease I contend

And in my chair of such amends
For all and for myself
Simultaneously I fend
Frequencies new
With pain and pleasure I comprehend
Together, me as Gaia
In awe and in suspense
Of our next creation
Limitless and with the only aim
To expand
To be a lending hand
To star seeds and dimensionals
Illuminate the imminent beauty that impends

It is here, I am waving from the End
The Death of our ways old
The rebirth of truth
Once so pervertedly bent

It is now and it tastes so compound
It is of all elements
So fear not to append
For it’s within us to be able to transcend

Clench fists, be brave
We can mend
I promise I see it already
Each one to themselves attends
And with stupor and ambiguity
Each accordingly Godsend
Together in purpose and unity
I see it, dear friend, we  can mend.





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