Dipped and got away with it

Smile delicate
Cheeks relevant
Speaks in a present tense
Of his past fortunes
Favors them
Brave yet shy
And softly speaking
Of an unknown spell
Selling it
Quite well
Swell in his avail
To excite
My many interests
His moves entail
A gracious thing
I can taste the smell of it
I love to be in his presence
And be me for the hell of it
I’d love to hear my name
Coming from his
Steady lips
Our radars lit
Undressing signals
To the sound of how our bodies fit
I sit but move
Stare while the space between transits
Unspoken words
Are fuller than the ones we said
No Romeo and Juliet
But a sultry spark
At its best

Lays down on me
Bares his chest
I wouldn’t dare call him beautiful
To his bewildering face
Praises subtle are our
Selves fully dressed
Touching on something
We once compressed

Reaches out hands to hug me
Bodies blessed
By an upcoming
Surge of sexy distress

I climb and give him a pull
Heading anywhere but west
There’s a fog out here
A movie
Without a dialogue or end
Splashing skins
Against our differences
Let our clocks
Check the distance and
Our complimentary endings blend
Distance is a test
This dance
One I won’t forget
Thank you dearly
Can I suggest
We be each other’s faithful pets
Yes you say?
I didn’t expect less
I have time for you
And space for your address
Book me in
Swap words
Next-a game of
Open chest chess.



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