Queen Pest-an old friend

Bodies clever,
Hissing, shedding attire
Moulting cries
Here’s a suitcase
Light it on fire
Watch it burn our backs
Drunk on lust
Not sure about desire
Don’t censor me
My charm is
That I’m simple
Mouthy, dire
My orgasm is my horizon
My flesh is the outline
The body waves-an admonition
Dive and you’re mine
Mind raped and detained
Soak in your decisions
Weigh the misses and the takes
With pride not so heroic
I fuck you powerless
Another climax closer to death
Maybe we’re happy
Is this it? Purplexed
Head under the pillow
Into another’s body
I’d been swept
Thank you God
Yet another curse
With which I was blessed
To hold beauty immense
But to choke it vulgarly
A Queen Pest


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