Desperate attempts to sink the unsinkable

Post-summer confession
Days without words
Still full of expression
The chair still rocks
And cigar still pulls
Sky spitting same old
Thundering the earth’s pulse

Settee dusty
Soles of four feet
Step lightly, flirting
With muscles new and old
Grown as far as they could
From the thought
Of being cold
Earth so clean
Mouths so dirty
Wind, water, fire

Small lakes
Make cloud-like shapes
And wash away the distant birthing
Of a myth
Where to get the message
Was a risk
So steep
That the tides
Could drift

Three out of four
Numbers, smells
Fallen between cars
Sober silence
Between bars
They proved it
It has all been
A farce


Energy is

You know
How they use it

The symbols
Get parsed



News ain’t new they always knew

”Here have this
It’s all I have
It’s all I am
It’s hard to fit in a pocket
It’s more you could ever chew on
Try to melt it
The only clue I can give ”

I ran then
I ran from you running
Your waters down my spine
I couldn’t take so much
Coming in at once
Where there has always
That I would call a name
Just a bland colorless
No face
Take it easy
I don’t want to hate me
Or you
For being found anew
Edge of man
Leap into human
Who’d have known
It’d be us two
If you had told me when
I was 22
I would have called you
A fool with taste
But nevertheless
A fool
Maybe we should move
From the eyes of
Who don’t know bloom
Nice view
Into you
Is to speak my truth
Good move
Spirit food

What less could we do?

Who’s we if not a model
To rule
Got the crowns
At the ready
To do what we set out to
Change the world
One song at a view
Soul frequency
Radio ‘1+1 is more than 2’
That travel in a cocoon
Up to where we went

Hitchhiking to the moon

The darkness set on us
Releasing fumes
3rd degree burns
Yours truly
No news
My up to date self
Left right through
That fire
Designed for two
I’ve got just
The child in me left


We sit
Hold tight to
Our invisibility
Who’s making moves
When we’ve always been
One that appears as two
Stuck in
The world of
Who have never been so moved
Just tasteless, bland
Their own face
They’d chewed
I recall your face by memory
Like I can’t recall my own
I draw it
So your future self would be ahead of me
So we could save ourselves
In the dungeons of their ruins
Smoke a few
To turn blood blue
Oh the guards
Of their inhibitions
Can we drug them
Without suspicion
I grab the small
And you the big one
Throw a whitey
And zoom

Into return

Proud to know you
My own villain
My Bonaparte
With strength to hold the whole world
And shake it
To find me
And stay patiently
In my presence
Until I recognized
My fears
My wounded essence
You respectively

Learned your lessons

Up here
I’d jump
If I would be
Your patient
So I did
And so did you
We love
To see
Let’s make a killing
Burn man down
With homemade fuse
We could never be lost or lose
We will always be our muse
And now
Our souls’ only food

A thousand ways to kiss

A kiss-a mouthful
A kiss-a cut
Into two hearts-for now
For a while?
A kiss so stern, so sure
Of its belongings
Of its realities
And imaginary teeth
A kiss powerful
And monogamous
Messy yet pure
A kiss falls
Where we’ve never been
Breathing in deeply
So we can kiss more
Here, and yesterday
Packed, in motion
We can be more

Lips strategically placed
Where they might have not felt
Pulling hair, skin
Why are we talking
When we say so much
With our mouths closed?

Eyes wide shut
Wipe face warm
Every moment
A chance to create
New ways
To kiss, to love
Stir it all
Into the pitfalls
Of those we chose
To not kiss anymore

A peck – a midnight call
Into a park with no lights
Just trees
Like leaves we fall
Into the arms
Of the now we adore
The now we’ve always known
Will be outstanding
In the book
We wrote

When nature calls
And says
To kiss
To be
To build
A fort
Of white sheets
Where kisses galore
We gave fruition there
And then
With Angels, Gods
That gave the World a kiss
When it let us be
Alive together
And gave us mouths
For wands