Internalizing the world-shall we?

Without self knowledge, without understanding the working and functions of his machine, man cannot be free, he cannot govern himself and he will always remain a slave.
George Gurdjieff

If it’s anyone’s fault we’ve reached this level of hatred, it’s not me or you but the powers that be. The ones that lead us into wars, the ones that keep taking our hard earned money, the ones that do everything they can to maintain a social structure and hierarchy that is unfair to say the least.
‘So it goes.’

History is repeating once again as the rulers can no longer keep us all in check even if they’ve got such advanced technology and manipulate events in their favor. They track us, brainwash us and sell us lie after lie to keep our mouths shut and our minds indoctrinated.

These crimes against humanity are a purge process and every human being has to have their eyes opened as to who we are. Those brave ones that undergo the rigid game of being a statistic everyday are pointing towards something. ¬†This is what this intense discord feeling is in our bellies when our equals are being mistreated-our intuition telling us it isn’t supposed¬†to be this way.


It’s challenging to live in these times as we are evolving towards a New Way of life. At the moment it might seem it won’t be all so great as many are dying in terror. If there is one way of honoring the lost and the unsung it’s by owning up and taking responsibility for who we are and what we do from now on.