balloon boy

There was this boy
With a balloon for a head
Winter had him in a corner
In the carelessness of summer
His body fled

He endured traumas
Transparent blood was shed
For quiet horrors
With knots made of lead

With soft hands
He held his pale face
Prayed to the tides
Wished away his space

All he wanted was silence
To breathe into his grace
All he had was air
Buzzing in one place

No inhale
No exhale
His being was stuck
His lungs stale

No winnings
No fails
Long lost luck
Tall dark tales


He flew into my room and sat on the wall

Took my boundaries and made a new corner

From there he projected
A new channel
A new oxygen
With a new home
Built from thought
A new Rome

Then stood to grow up
Laid his head against the corner
As I left through the window
I jumped my own border

‘POP’ his head exploded
In my background
As I sank into the night air
His old skin eroded
Gave way to flowing hair

He looked out to breathe
And hand me a vision
But my sight was on my own
I couldn’t move
I yearned precision

My needle in the hay
Burned a sphere
After a collision
With a star so bright
Surfaced in between divisions

I forgot the boy
I stood in awe of my own
Countless breaths
The misuse of the air
In my head

There in that moment
It fled
My physics
My maths
My lessons in war
The blood shed

On the other side
Of the plane
Underneath the breath
Was only everything
On a white canvas
No body
No head