Saturday night live from a beige couch

Tears are so last year
Eyes of stone
Into a cold-blooded fear
Now a lake
Body of its own
It clears
My heavy bones
A sign appears
Points to the water
Who’s there?
My mind it sears-
It’s I,
The untold
Sundry beauties
So sincere
Stare at me-
Divide grows, dies here
Embody my demons
Balancing on this sphere
Hyperbolic geometry
Rules severe
We live for or from our fears
Like water
For chocolate
A means to an end
I am near
My sun is lit
These constant deaths
Now cohere
No safety net
No wheel to steer
Ready, set
Don’t go far
For truth is in the rear

Something inside of me
With power so sheer
It builds the veins
Into an artery
A supreme body appears




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