i travel not to find, but redefine

I climbed this mountain myself
Sat on top
Like porcelain
On a shelf
Need no help

To be
Or to believe
I have two hearts
Up my two sleeves
One is soft
The other hard as teeth
They break, act up
But never leave
Silently I fix them
Wisely they weep

On the brink of extinction-
Their kindness
Far too deep
Their devotion
Far too steep
Up these hills
They face friction
With the wildest of beasts

The game is different every time
So is the feast
The levels of these treks
Unpredictable to say the least
We play for dead
We play for keeps
My hair grows longer
Sleeves are creased

With these
Verbal defeats
Veins in stitches, fast beats
Water falls
Echoes, greets
I lay my defenses down
To be deceased

Dive, bare my meat
A lean treat
I’m a current in myself
Fast on my feet
I taste of morning

My highest point
Here and now
History repeats
Running laps
Around my lawyer-
This fire in my hands
Is packing heat


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