lessons in patience

so what’s new?
we had a few
drinks to think this puzzle through
I called my shrink and it was you
said ‘you’re crazy’, thats not news

i know you lied so Id see truth
in pain.  pain resolute
kicked down the walls of my youth
now i’m bare, you follow suit

i may be prettier and more abrupt
at my core im fearless
yet hurt
just like a child in the dirt
first I’ll play
then you can wash my shirt

with old scabs you can flirt
but my friend be alert
im a goner
like a cold dessert
ill melt my swords onto your worth

pick my pockets
reckless mirth
hold me unconscious
at dawn
shake the earth

let’s kill our little ones
death is rebirth
youre tall with your words
but lack in girth

lets start pretending
of hope there’s a dearth
that our message is lost
that love’s just a word

sinking ship floating
brother and sister on a berth
wont be us theyll be mourning
they never saw, we’re absurd

we turn heavy, bloating
whats done is done
no more to do
diving into eternal croaking

my last breath I use to call you
blow me a kiss and a review
have i been a good patient
would you throw me a canoe

‘you need to know’, you utter,
and into the blue
my signal is lost
i surrender
I finish me to finish you



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