fear of sleep

I didn’t know I was a coward
Till I saw myself in you
i was once one
now im devoured
i am a dream, my life yet due

dont cross me
give me a clue
throw me a bone
i need to renew

i have to see me again
I have to see you
you are my prism
held up by glue

selfish and blinded
but please dear
come through
let’s tear out our insides
cook up a stew

feed it to the cat
the birds will eat it too
we will grow back like worms
pink and red debut

thrill and shock me
dont think
just do
bring me to my boiling point
draw me a fool

be the villain
fake our truce
poison my apple
sweeten the juice

all that can happen
has been played out
deja vu
nevermind, let it ripen
run chained
join the queue

all the lost souls here
that the good was never true
im ugly but enlightened
i love me, i love you


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