Saturday night live from a beige couch

Tears are so last year
Eyes of stone
Into a cold-blooded fear
Now a lake
Body of its own
It clears
My heavy bones
A sign appears
Points to the water
Who’s there?
My mind it sears-
It’s I,
The untold
Sundry beauties
So sincere
Stare at me-
Divide grows, dies here
Embody my demons
Balancing on this sphere
Hyperbolic geometry
Rules severe
We live for or from our fears
Like water
For chocolate
A means to an end
I am near
My sun is lit
These constant deaths
Now cohere
No safety net
No wheel to steer
Ready, set
Don’t go far
For truth is in the rear

Something inside of me
With power so sheer
It builds the veins
Into an artery
A supreme body appears




too early to be somewhere else but here

Though I never learnt to drive
I’ve always had a car
Pink interior
Would go far
Sometimes it speaks
Says I’m mental
I kick it’s mirrors
It’s just an empty car
It revs still
Screeches, whistles:
‘And who d’you think you are?’
I’m my own vehicle
And can’t see from afar
But somewhere in the middle
Sits a fallen star
Layers of dust
And treacle
Bored mover
In life’s glass jar
Switching gears would be a miracle
I’d do a hit and run on my avatar
Instead I go where other seekers go
Down the street
Dive deep into a bar
I get consumed by alcohol
Then give it back to the tar
I see my dark being in it
In its ash end my cigar

Stand up slowly
Break another mirror
To open these scars
If I could drive
I’d crash these dummies
Who think they’re cars

This opaque limit they live in
Shouldn’t apply to me
This thick emptiness
Is off my radar

i travel not to find, but redefine

I climbed this mountain myself
Sat on top
Like porcelain
On a shelf
Need no help

To be
Or to believe
I have two hearts
Up my two sleeves
One is soft
The other hard as teeth
They break, act up
But never leave
Silently I fix them
Wisely they weep

On the brink of extinction-
Their kindness
Far too deep
Their devotion
Far too steep
Up these hills
They face friction
With the wildest of beasts

The game is different every time
So is the feast
The levels of these treks
Unpredictable to say the least
We play for dead
We play for keeps
My hair grows longer
Sleeves are creased

With these
Verbal defeats
Veins in stitches, fast beats
Water falls
Echoes, greets
I lay my defenses down
To be deceased

Dive, bare my meat
A lean treat
I’m a current in myself
Fast on my feet
I taste of morning

My highest point
Here and now
History repeats
Running laps
Around my lawyer-
This fire in my hands
Is packing heat

lessons in patience

so what’s new?
we had a few
drinks to think this puzzle through
I called my shrink and it was you
said ‘you’re crazy’, thats not news

i know you lied so Id see truth
in pain.  pain resolute
kicked down the walls of my youth
now i’m bare, you follow suit

i may be prettier and more abrupt
at my core im fearless
yet hurt
just like a child in the dirt
first I’ll play
then you can wash my shirt

with old scabs you can flirt
but my friend be alert
im a goner
like a cold dessert
ill melt my swords onto your worth

pick my pockets
reckless mirth
hold me unconscious
at dawn
shake the earth

let’s kill our little ones
death is rebirth
youre tall with your words
but lack in girth

lets start pretending
of hope there’s a dearth
that our message is lost
that love’s just a word

sinking ship floating
brother and sister on a berth
wont be us theyll be mourning
they never saw, we’re absurd

we turn heavy, bloating
whats done is done
no more to do
diving into eternal croaking

my last breath I use to call you
blow me a kiss and a review
have i been a good patient
would you throw me a canoe

‘you need to know’, you utter,
and into the blue
my signal is lost
i surrender
I finish me to finish you


fear of sleep

I didn’t know I was a coward
Till I saw myself in you
i was once one
now im devoured
i am a dream, my life yet due

dont cross me
give me a clue
throw me a bone
i need to renew

i have to see me again
I have to see you
you are my prism
held up by glue

selfish and blinded
but please dear
come through
let’s tear out our insides
cook up a stew

feed it to the cat
the birds will eat it too
we will grow back like worms
pink and red debut

thrill and shock me
dont think
just do
bring me to my boiling point
draw me a fool

be the villain
fake our truce
poison my apple
sweeten the juice

all that can happen
has been played out
deja vu
nevermind, let it ripen
run chained
join the queue

all the lost souls here
that the good was never true
im ugly but enlightened
i love me, i love you

I’ve been lost here before aka not lost anymore

I demand my start to ask the end
is there a truth my heart can’t bend
a constant for me to befriend
so my spirit can transcend

into a realm of sound and no time
nothing yours, nothing mine
all is visible, all is blind
entirely untouched, refined

a vale of melodies divine
each tangible, sublime
a persistent echo of the kind
the wind makes, pierced by rhyme

my journey on the lifeline
started once ego resigned
in 7 days i saw three lifetimes
spirit and body married the mind

i float on the vision of our kind
on the mission we’ve been assigned
to scorn boundaries and realign
in this endless contrast, let us bind