The harder it is,
The better.
My skin thickens
Yet still soft as a feather.

I race the wind,
Conquer the weather,
To get to our castle-
With my heart on a tether.

I gaze at your throne
With the doors to my soul-
Speak gently,
There is so much to know.

Teach me patience,
Show me how you suffer.
So before my words hurt you
I can learn to stutter.

Keep your secrets
Forever if you have to
But don’t silence the names
Of those who mistreat you.

I pray for them
As I wish the rain away.
I hope that their souls
Live to love like us one day.

Our past glistens
To polish our present
As my melody listens
To the time that they lent us.

By the lake I sit on a book
Your words are in red
Catchy like a hook.

Thank you for reading
Thanks for the looks
Sharing is caring
I caught this heart
Can you cook?


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