Doors & Attics

I see life a beautiful tragedy. As much as it’s mesmerizing and Godly, simultaneously I experience the pain planted in its soil. Vivacity above, despair beneath it. They hold each other and make way for their extremes. They dance and fight. Lick their wounds so they can see how deep they can go.

I’d been looking for someone as intriguing,
whose words resonate in my mind
With clarity and catch my racing feelings.

Since you came, your presence remained.
I don’t even miss you when you’re away.
My thoughts bring you in between my two brains
I shut off my senses and I can still kiss your face.

I shyly get eager-
I foolishly hold onto beautiful things and beings.
A past figure told me they don’t come often,
they don’t stick around either.

As we held each other, our skin merged colors.
Beneath our egos I found a map for lovers
to uncover the treasures in our chests.

Now I’ve felt the purest, I can face the ugliest.

Even if I fall again and my smile breaks
and only lives on to cover up my mistakes,
What I see in us gives me strength
To last me two lifetimes,
To fill a new chest.


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