5 pm shadow

If I die young,
Or in the middle of a fling,
If my soul softens,
And runs off with the wind;

Don’t mourn me,
As I’ve been the highest
Of mountains, the fliest
Of birds,
The sound of a lover,
The poetry in a word.

Don’t mourn me,
I learned,
To not cry over losses
Or lean over bridges,
But to jump over the past
While the future crosses.

Don’t mourn me,
I’ve seen plenty of love.
I spent thousands of tears adjusting my ways
To fit in my heart’s path.
I’ve fallen many times.
I know now one can only fall up
A fault can only be right.

Don’t forget me,
For I found many homes.
Not only in strangers’ apartments
But in my heart’s endless tombs.
I built roofs and terraces,
I smoked through the chimneys
And leaked through the furnaces.

Don’t forget me,
For I have flown in front of you
In the abyss of the Universe.
These words are the alchemy of me
Seeking escape through you.

Don’t ignore me.
I swam in your blood,
I stood on your bones,
I cried and longed for the unknown.
Just like those before me.

A walking paradox,
still and stern in my bubble.
My eyes like wet glass
Standing tall in the rubble.

Yearning for escapism,
Be it drink
Be it love’s grey stubble.
Pour me into life
In fact,
Make it a double.


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