Wasted. watered down.

Telling my heart how to feel
Drowning its cries in a lake
Choking on your lips sealed
Steal my mind, give it space

To heal and to replace
Those deadly kisses, every trace
You were not invited-get off my case
Was fine without you
Tripping me over
To keep up with my pace.


Collecting stones to build heavy nothings

If my words can cut like blades
I’d spend days putting them in place
Designing patterns for the truth to convey
Leaving scars eons can’t erase

The prototype of my empty space
Your selfish act can be replaced
Your bitter sweetness-just a phase
Dressed up to be defaced

Nevertheless, we briefly embraced
Til the Moon put a spotlight on our disgrace
White wolves running in a rat race
With gold teeth, but rotten at the base

You may act tough
But the Gods laid your weakness on your face
The more you wish it away
The more it resonates

The more you fight it
The more it’ll stay
The more blood you spit
The more your skin will decay

Head looks calm, eyes scream ‘Mayday!’
I’m not sorry for your loss-but kind words I will say
They will cut you open, broken strings they will play
I’ll hit the high note, I’ll be out-it’s a new day.


Two raced against light.
Didn’t read the signs right.
For a moment, in flight,
Lost eyes locked,
Gave into their mutual fright.

Rockets, bombs, bullets, fights;
Blood, bruises, kissing knives.
Molotov’s thrown by the blind.
Since they didn’t choose to live,
Surely they are free to die.

Fire to the unborn.
Withstand the unknown.

Rest assured,
If they don’t atone,

They’ll die on fire.
With cuts sewn.


The harder it is,
The better.
My skin thickens
Yet still soft as a feather.

I race the wind,
Conquer the weather,
To get to our castle-
With my heart on a tether.

I gaze at your throne
With the doors to my soul-
Speak gently,
There is so much to know.

Teach me patience,
Show me how you suffer.
So before my words hurt you
I can learn to stutter.

Keep your secrets
Forever if you have to
But don’t silence the names
Of those who mistreat you.

I pray for them
As I wish the rain away.
I hope that their souls
Live to love like us one day.

Our past glistens
To polish our present
As my melody listens
To the time that they lent us.

By the lake I sit on a book
Your words are in red
Catchy like a hook.

Thank you for reading
Thanks for the looks
Sharing is caring
I caught this heart
Can you cook?


At times I sense we all feel the same
Same place
Same old mates
The same pint
That only declares
Forgettable dates
Pre broken promises
Fatal mistakes.

Cheers to the real ones
Toast for the fakes
For we all ash in the same trays
Dust and mud
Rain and sun
In the midst-
I love it all,
In the morning-
Care for none.

Still my chest is undone
From chain smoking
And shit talking
I can try to forget
But prefer sulking
It feels like the real thing
I’d rather walk broken
Than hang from the ceiling.

I know the afterlife won’t be revealing
Anything but the gutter
Of my thoughts and feelings
I might as well start cleaning today
Every new dawn
Is a chance to reshape
Every fresh bruise
A new lesson to take.

Though my glass heart is at stake
In my exposure I feel safe
In my moments of weakness
I remember
The Universe makes no mistakes.

Lucid Lucy

Last night you raced through my dream
Galloped like you couldn’t afford to be seen
By my past lovers
Under cover
Still I couldn’t see anyone other
But you
So mysterious, so new
But fitting
A combination unforgiving
Yet I’ve given
My name for initiation
Our souls’ relation
Had been sealed and shipped
Years before we got to our meeting station

Now I’m here
I’m terrified of not saying your name again
Should I forget it now
Before I get used to pairing it
With mine
With my favorite food and wine
Should I throw you away
Like I wasn’t destined
To call you mine
Like I didn’t mind
Walking away from the divine
When my whole humble life
That’s all I’d ever
Wish to find

Falling down a hill into a past life

Sometimes my fate falls backwards,
I’m good at that.
Making sure,
Even if it’s bad,
At least it’s not flat
And boring.

My ways get rather revolting
When for life I get hungry.

Didn’t know I had it in me
Til I was alone in the bull ring.
While I gazed at stars unknown
The darkness found a light of its own.

Took me away, a voluntary prisoner,
A poster child for the sinister.

I wore my best dress
It spoke for me
Like I was possessed.

They found me naked, chanting a name
No one knew, but felt they better not say.

Her lust had become her malice-
The darkest color in her bright array.
If only she’d known,
That blending the sun and the moon
would only turn her grey.

That to love all,
Even what was to only be abhorred,

Is not a virtue
But a futile poison,
A double-edged sword.

Doors & Attics

I see life a beautiful tragedy. As much as it’s mesmerizing and Godly, simultaneously I experience the pain planted in its soil. Vivacity above, despair beneath it. They hold each other and make way for their extremes. They dance and fight. Lick their wounds so they can see how deep they can go.

I’d been looking for someone as intriguing,
whose words resonate in my mind
With clarity and catch my racing feelings.

Since you came, your presence remained.
I don’t even miss you when you’re away.
My thoughts bring you in between my two brains
I shut off my senses and I can still kiss your face.

I shyly get eager-
I foolishly hold onto beautiful things and beings.
A past figure told me they don’t come often,
they don’t stick around either.

As we held each other, our skin merged colors.
Beneath our egos I found a map for lovers
to uncover the treasures in our chests.

Now I’ve felt the purest, I can face the ugliest.

Even if I fall again and my smile breaks
and only lives on to cover up my mistakes,
What I see in us gives me strength
To last me two lifetimes,
To fill a new chest.

5 pm shadow

If I die young,
Or in the middle of a fling,
If my soul softens,
And runs off with the wind;

Don’t mourn me,
As I’ve been the highest
Of mountains, the fliest
Of birds,
The sound of a lover,
The poetry in a word.

Don’t mourn me,
I learned,
To not cry over losses
Or lean over bridges,
But to jump over the past
While the future crosses.

Don’t mourn me,
I’ve seen plenty of love.
I spent thousands of tears adjusting my ways
To fit in my heart’s path.
I’ve fallen many times.
I know now one can only fall up
A fault can only be right.

Don’t forget me,
For I found many homes.
Not only in strangers’ apartments
But in my heart’s endless tombs.
I built roofs and terraces,
I smoked through the chimneys
And leaked through the furnaces.

Don’t forget me,
For I have flown in front of you
In the abyss of the Universe.
These words are the alchemy of me
Seeking escape through you.

Don’t ignore me.
I swam in your blood,
I stood on your bones,
I cried and longed for the unknown.
Just like those before me.

A walking paradox,
still and stern in my bubble.
My eyes like wet glass
Standing tall in the rubble.

Yearning for escapism,
Be it drink
Be it love’s grey stubble.
Pour me into life
In fact,
Make it a double.

Three-dimensional dementia

Realize your eyes turn blue
When you look into the skies.
And the blue in your mind
Is just a bathroom in need of new tiles.

You can’t mirror a desire
If you can’t see the reflection first,
The outside is a only a distraction
From what a soul truly holds.

Does the body manifest the mind,
Or is it the opposite?
Could it be the two are entwined
with a third we fail to see?

When you fast track your food,
While in a constant hurry to ‘grow’,
Are you really in your prime
Or is the external in control?

I cried before cause they didn’t see me.
Now I know they can’t see themselves.
So my tears are now my actions
I came down with facts, awaiting consequence.

If we could rip our skin and features,
And still breathe within our teacher,
Then we won’t need our eyes to fall in love,
But imagine what our beings have sought.

And we just might grasp the duality
Of the illusionary personality
We can live our dreams
then dream our reality.